Chael Sonnen: "Fedor is overrated"

If you need opinion on any subject - not just MMA - ask Chael Sonnen. The former UFC middleweight is not embarrassed to say that 17 titles Holly Holm master is worthless and that "Preacher's Daughter" do not really know how to hit (in the end she is the only boxing champion). Thus, when it came to the return of Fedor Emelianenko MMA, "The American Gangster" also has his own opinion:

"He is definitely overrated. Fans viewed it in Japan. They watched these fights and already forgotten how he came to the United States and had to fight with real regulations and real judge without earpiece in your ear. Already forgotten about it. Mediocre man has no idea who he is."

While rumors about 2.5 million wage of "The Last Emperor" turned out to be untrue, and so it can be assumed that the Russian would get a nice sum of money for his next fight. Chael believes that the main purpose of Fedor is to get a lot of money for the fight against mediocre opponents.


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