UFC: Francisco Trevino suspended for 90 days and fined

The reason for the suspension - marijuana.

Francisco's participation in UFC 192 Francisco Trevino (12-2, 1-2 UFC) certainly is not considered to be successful. American made before, and during the event took place behavior of which one can not be proud of. It started with the weighing, for which 33-year-old came to being about 4 pounds plus the lightweight limit - this resulted in putting 20% ​his account lately, to Sage Northcutt (6-0, 1-0 in the UFC).

During the fight Trevino lost fast after being knock-out less than a minute. After the fight Francisco got into an argument with the judge, By Herb Dean (now, however, it was announced that for this reason the fighter does not suffer as a consequence). This was not enough! Today has been reported the results of anti-doping control, according to which in Trevino's body  has been found metabolites of cannabis. For this reason, American got a 90-day suspension and a fine of 5 000 dollars. So far no one speaks loudly but after such a collection of mishaps Francisco may be has to say goodbye to the biggest MMA organization in the world.

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