Mark Hunt four weeks before UFC 193 at the AKA camp in Thailand

Mark Hunt is perhaps one of the most popular MMA fighters, although he never became a champion and did not achieve the same success as the UFC champions. His MMA record is also not particularly impressive (10-10-1 MMA, Kickboxing 30-13), but his heart for battle is enormous. so all the fans of the "Super Samoan" are very excited about his successive duels. The last three fights ended in a victory for Roy Nelson and two defeats Fabricio Werdum and  Stipe Miocic. Hunt, however,  now before another challenge at the UFC 193 against an opponent with whom he once fought. This rival is Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, with whom he fought in December 2013 at UFC Fight Night 33. This fight was known as one of the best heavyweight fights in the UFC history, and ended in a draw. Later it turned out that Silva failed the doping tests by which the Brazilian saved this fight as unresolved while for Hunt preserved the tie.Knowing Mark Hunt, he will give the best in this training camp to AKA Thailand

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