Warriors Path:  Interesting way of Mariusz Pudzianowski to MMA

In December this year it will be exactly six years after the debut of Mariusz Pudzianowski in MMA. This debut changed not only the Polish MMA, but also the "Pudzian".

In 2009 Mariusz Pudzianowski appeared in the KSW ring, as the strongest man in the world and multiple champion of Strongest Men. After demolish, in less than a minute, Marcin Najman, Mariusz came out of the ring as the "Dominator", which he was for many years known in the Strong Men World. His first victory in MMA ,  gives him self-confidence,  so he also decided to become a champion in mixed martial arts. After the debut, there were some questions about the possibility of confronting Pudzianowski with the best fighters in MMA, and the answers we got soon.



The first one came five months later, when Mariusz clashed with Yusuke Kawaguchim. The duel took  whole two rounds and highlighted the limitations dormant in mighty body of the former strongman. MMA strictly verified physical and technical capabilities of "Pudzian".  The answer came, two weeks later the US. There Mariusz fought  with former UFC champion and suffered a crushing defeat. Being a full-fledged strongman and MMA fighter turned out to be irreconcilable. Pudzianowski faced the need to accept the fact that to be strongest man over the world, means not be the best MMA fighter. “The Dominator” gave up his strongmen career.  Mariusz showed heart, toughness, determination taking up this challenge and step by step, he started from the bottom, laboriously build its new sports career. The next three years proved to be difficult to work on changing attitudes to training, weight loss and technique. At this time, "Pudzian" defeated Eric Esch, Bob Sapp and Christos Piliafasa, but lost to James Thompson and Sean McCorkle, In September 2013, at the KSW 24, however, there has been a breakthrough. Mariusz stood up to the second leg clash with Sean McCorkle and not only won them in style, but showed that over the ten-minute he can keep his performance and condition.


During the KSW 27: Cage Time Pudzianowski faced another challenge. This time, clashed in a cage with other former strongman Olim Thompson. And this time, after a full ten minutes, Mariusz won.At the end of 2014. KSW visited Krakow at the largest hall in Poland, offering fans a duel that hung in the air for a long time. Mariusz Pudzianowski and legend of Polish judo Paweł Nastula finally met in a cage. And although a few years ago nobody would give "Pudzian" a chance in this duel, then the case was not so clear. For Mariusz not only the enemy, but also the duration of the fight was going to be a huge challenge. After two rounds of exciting clashes, judges decided for a draw and only in overtime, "Pudzian" won the most valuable victory in his career.After Krakow's victory, there were voices of a possible challenge championship with Karol Bedorf. However,  Mariusz  had to follow the way traced by the master and fight withRolles Gracie. No one probably expect, however, that "Pudzian" not only cope with such a famous name, but  he will do that in so in impressive style. After Mariusz  knockout his opponent the duel ended  in twenty-seventh second. This caused, he began to talk openly about the fight against Karol Bedorf. However, before the fact that Mariusz Pudzianowski will face opportunity to gain a championship belt in the heavyweight division, he will have during KSW 32: Road to Wembley defeat last opponent of Bedorf, Peter Graham. Graham is very experienced kick boxer, so it will be very interesting fight.  

Mariusz Pudzianowski 


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