Jon Jones returns to the UFC !

After considerable confusion which were triggered around each light heavyweight champion eventually he managed to restore everything to a certain order .Thanks to arrangements between Jones and the authorities in Albuquerque and the court " Bones " returns to the group of fighters of the biggest MMA organizations .



"Congrats to Jon "Bones" Jones on his reinstatement to the UFC. For MMA fans this is a good day. A guy that has shown to be one of  the greatest fighters of all time is back. As a competitor there could be no other outcome and this is the best news I've heard in a long time. Jon has said the right things and his actions are backing his words up. We all hope this is the last time we have to deal with anything like that. And lastly as a fan u get to see see 2 of the best fighters compete against each other. With that being said I can't wait to compete against him again. -Daniel Cormier"


Gentlemen once already met , the better one was  " Bones " . Shortly thereafter, he had gotten himself into serious trouble causing an accident and fleeing his place in the car leaving the. drugs. There is as yet unclear whether the gentlemen immediately become against each other in the Octagon .

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