Lavare Johnson will spend two months in jail!

Lavare Johnson (18-10, 2-2 UFC) will spend the next two months in prison. The American UFC fighter  on August 25, has been arrested and is accused of beating his girlfriend.In the indictment can be read that 38-year-old man probably several times struck the victim in the head by knees and 11 times with his fist. Later measuring approx. 115kg weight Johnson escaped from the scene. Lavare is in prison under bail of 175 000 dollars, and he says he is not guilty. The next hearing in this case will be held on November 20, the American fighter can be punished by 10 years and 8 months in prison. Johnson fought in the biggest fight of MMA organizations in the world, he appeared under the names of the organization: UFC, Bellator, WEC and Strikeforce. In the past he competed among others with Stefan Struve, Cheicki the Congo and Brendan Schaub.



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