Nick Diaz talks with the NSAC, possible return in 2016

There is a glimmer of hope for Nick Diaz and his fans. If all goes well maybe we'll see him next year. When Nick Diaz was sentenced to five years by NSAC suspension, there were immediate outrage. Many people accused the Nevada State Athletic Commission, that uses its power and influence by forcing Diaz to end his career. There is even a petition for cancellation penalties under which rapidly appeared in 100 000 signatures so that it may have come into the hands of the President himself Barack Obama. The petition also signed by several celebrities including Cher, Wiz Khalifa and Gina Carano.

Nick Diaz put yesterday Instagramie picture telling fans that he is in talks with NSAC and they go in the right direction. According to a source close to the situation, it is possible that Diaz will return to the Octagon already in 2016.

Anderson Silva, who fought Diaz at UFC 183 also came up with the anti-doping tests, and he got only  one year suspension. If the talks are being held with potential return of Diaz in the next year and Nick personally talking with the Commission, the NSAC may decide to reduce the punishment to suspend him for one year.



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