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Puncher Wrocław

Club "Puncher Wrocław" is an initiative of Coach Janusz Janowski in 2002 and was entered into the Register of Pupil's Sports Club led by the Mayor of Wroclaw. The main activity of the Club is to promote: physical education, physical education and sport, with particular emphasis on health functions based on patterns from various martial arts disciplines."Puncher Wroclaw" is a brand for years evokes not only the rich rivalry culminating in an impressive sporting success, but also with the wider understanding of the needs of our members. We try to adapt training systems to the aspirations and possibilities of exercisers. That is why training in our club is divided into racing and recreational training. We help our riders climb the career ladder sport, up to the level of the championship. We also enable the students to the experience of its sports adventure at the level of physical recreation, self-defense and good fun.We strive to offer only the "products" of the highest quality. Everything you learn has been developed and tested by us on the national and international arenas. We take part in the competition, training and training in different countries on different continents. Urgently we observe the latest global trends in martial arts. We do not stop, even for a moment in updating methods and means of training, based at the same time on the latest achievements of science of sports. With extensive experience creating specialized staff, which share a common passion, love and knowledge.



Adrenalina Fight Częstochowa

Founded in 2005 Adrenaline Fight club Czestochowa is associated primarily with Krzysztof Kulak . Founder and head coach of the AFC needs no introduction to fans of mixed martial arts, but model ensures that the Czestochova MMA live to see themselves worthy successors. Young Crusaders in 2010, began to appear more on the professional rings , and the real input dragon scored Matthew Strzelczyk.



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