The jury and Weighing results KSW 32: Road to Wembley

Polish-British jury will handle the first historical KSW abroad.Main judge KSW 32: Road to Wembley will be traditionally Tomasz Bronder, and apart from him a in  cage will be familiar with the KSW 31 Englishman Rich Mitchell and Peter Michalak. Duels will be scored by : Britons Ben Cartlidge, David Lethaby and Mark Collet and Poles Maciej Motylewski andCezary  Wojciechowski. 


  KSW 32



All the fighters except one made weight before tomorrow's gala KSW 32: Road Wembley in London. Fighting in the battle for the belt in the welterweight Jesse Taylor needed additional two hours to make the limit. Marifa Piraev, which exceeded the required weight 1.9 kilogram,  decided not disprove weight and as a result was penalized by a deduction of 30% payout.

KSW 32


70 kg: Andre Winner (70.3) Vs. Leszek Krakow (70 kg)

84 kg: Brett Cooper (83.9 kg) vs. Maiquel Falcao (83.9 kg)

120 kg: Oli Thompson (110.8 kg) Vs. Michael Włodarek (107 kg)

77 kg: Rafal Moks (77.2 kg) vs. Jim Wallhead (76.5 kg)

70 kg: Matthew Gamrot (70.1 kg) vs. Marifa Piraev (71.9 kg)

93 kg: Goran Reljic (93.2 kg) vs. Thomas Narkun (93 kg)

120 kg: Marcin Różalski (111.7 kg) Vs. James McSweeney (107.5 kg)

77 kg: Borys Mankowski (77 kg) Vs. Jesse Taylor (76.9 kg)

120 kg: Mariusz Pudzianowski (119.7 kg) Vs. Peter Graham (112.8 kg)


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