Tim Kennedy wants to fight with anyone who uses illegal support and doping

American soldier is getting closer to returning to the cage. After the last fight Tim Kennedy (18-5, 3-1 in the UFC, # 6 ranked UFC) several times repeated that the return to the fighting may induce him only by some convincing constellation. It seems that such constellation he just found, and even more. It look like Kennedy motivation is triggered by fighters which use illegal support, his  aim is to fight with athletes which have been caught for doping and using TRT. For now, there is no official return date of Tim to cage, but the American said that the UFC is open to a statement it with the winner fighting Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson 3, expected to take place in the nearest Saturday. Currently , Kennedy is promoting the show, "Hunting Hitler," in which Tim, along with several experts  examine whether Adolf Hitler really committed suicide in 1945.



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