Statement on the withdrawal by the Federation of KSW agreement with Aziz Karaoglu

On 7 June 2016. KSW Federation terminated with immediate effect an agreement with Aziz Karaoglu.
The reason for termination of the agreement is to preserve the fighter incompatible with the principles laid down in the agreement with the KSW, and consequently a violation of contractual provisions. Aziz Karaoglu breach of contract following, in particular, contrary to accepted moral norms, social conventions and moral, speaking in a way demonstrating the Federation of KSW in a bad light.
KSW Federation wishes to stress that it Karaoglu Aziz gave KSW controversial song "Na'ama Qaatil", which turned out to be the anthem of jihadists to its emissions while leaving the 31 Gala KSW. Aziz Karaoglu deliberately chose a controversial musical setting and not informed the KSW about the content of the song.
Aziz Karaoglu consisted also public statements that expose KSW Federation of losing respect suggesting that KSW fighter allegedly robbed of victory in the final fight.
In addition to the immediate termination of the contract with Aziz Karaoglu, KSW Federation decided to make use of the exercise of its rights under the contract and ordered the fighter a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 800,000 (250 000 USD).
KSW Federation once again stresses that as an organization aimed at continuous improvement of standards for mixed martial arts, categorically dissociates itself from any negative and discriminatory messages, which are attributed to the controversial songs issued on the entrance fighter Aziz Karaoglu at KSW 35.

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