NEW GYM SUBMITTED: London Shootfighters

London Shootfighters gym is one of the world's top Mixed Martial Arts and Combat sports teams. Its been the home to many of the best professional fighters and champions since 1997, such as UFC fighters John Hathaway, Karlos Vemola, Dream champion Marius Zaromskis, and other stars such as Lee Murray, James Zikic, James Thompson, Zelg Galesic, Marcin Held, Jean Silva, Alex Reid and Przemyslaw Mysiala .


London Shootfighters incorporates a mixture of Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian JuJitsu, Submission Wrestling and scientific strength and conditioning. We have one of the largest turnover of participants from across the globe, from experienced fighters to those new to the game.

The clasess incorporate a blend technique and instruction from expert coaches to create a well rounded and complete fighter. However, we do not only cater for fighters. Besides the high level of technical knowledge provided, London Shoot is also ideal for those who want to get fitter or simply want to lose weight. Beginners are very welcome.

With a fantastic new training facility in West London featuring a fully equiped gym it's the ideal location for you to achieve your goals in training. There are excellent transport links close to the gym and there is free all-day parking.

All classes at London Shootfighters are taught by coaches of the very highest standard. Classes are often trained as a mixture in order to have a well rounded skill set for MMA but can also be trained individually for fitness or competition.

Feel free to drop by the gym to check out the classes and the facility or to inquire about joining.

We also have a new branch in East London minutes from Canary Wharf; close to Docklands,Poplar, Blackwall and Stratford. check

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