KSW 36 News: Kurczewski and Szulakowski meet inside cage

The long awaited duel of the two effectively fighting guys comes on cage KSW 36. Already on October 1 in Zielona Gora Bartholomew Kurczewski (9-6, 5 KOs, 1 Sub)and Gregory Szulakowski (6-1, 1 KO, 4 sub) will finally clarify their point of view .The fight had to be held  already in March this year, but a shoulder injury eliminated "Szuliego" at KSW 34. Since that time, both fighters continue in internet war of words and video materials. Szulakowski returns to the KSW after last year's victory by submission over Patrick Grudniewski at KSW 31. With two more fights at KSW 33 and KSW 34 he was eliminate by injuries. The 29-year-old prepares for battle in Warsaw, one of the best clubs in Poland Olsztyn Berkucie Arrachion.
It looks like a really very promising fight!


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