Aleksandar "Joker" Ilic biography

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Aleksandar Ilic (born January 3, 1989) is an Serbian mixed martial artist. He is a former basketball player, who played basketball for 13years, now is a MMA top prospect from Serbia! He is fighting in middleweight division (185lbs.) -84kg. "Joker" is 189 cm tall and has a reach of 200cm. He began his career at the club Despot Stefan and Rio grappling club with the coach Nenad Latinčić, Milan and Sasa Vasiljevic! Where he achieved good results as an amateur and semi-pro fighter, soon after he transferred to the best club at the moment in the country known as MMA Academy! "Joker" begins to cooperate with the head coach Aleksandar "Rodja" Radosavljevic and Dragan "Gagi" Tesanovic, who were also fighters and famous in Europe and the region...His cooperation is expanding with the best wrestling coach in Serbia, Ivan Djordjevic "Icko" and Thai boxing coach Bogdan "Boba" Stojicic.