Brock Lesnar about Conor McGregor: "My sh*t is greater than he…"

Recently, Conor McGregor quite unfavorably spoke about the Brock Lesnar and WWE fighters, but now Lesnar bounced the ball back. At the beginning of the month Conor McGregor said that the fighter are the ones ** WWE me and not being able to respect Brock Lesnar for the fact that he failed the doping tests during the return at UFC 200. Even then, Brock Lesnar responded by words McGregor, commenting on his comments in social media. Before the upcoming fight McGregor Nate Diaz at UFC 202, Brock Lesnar once again commented on the behavior of the Irishman and his statements. "I'm doing more sh*t of this kid. Come on. I know you kids are playing video games, and live in a false sense of reality. I weigh 290 pounds (131.5 kg). Those guests weigh 145 pounds (67.5 kg), and if he is lucky, it will eat your f*cking breakfast masters….. " See the interesting interview below.


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