UFC News: The return of Georges St-Pierre at UFC 206 in Toronto and fight with Nick Diaz?

This time we have more and more information to suggest the ultimate return of Georges St-Pierre for the UFC, and one of this information reveals the date of 10 December. the Air Canada Center in Toronto. During media week, just before UFC 202, it was announced that UFC plans to return with their event to the Air Canada Center in Toronto for the UFC 206 event. It would have to take place exactly on 10 th  December. Georges St-Pierre revealed in June, in an interview for "The Fight Life" that he has received an offer of super-fight in Toronto with Michael Bisping, but due to the fact that Bisping will defend the title against Dan Henderson, this fight is not possible. Later an information leaked that St-Pierre is in negotiations for a super fight with returning Nick Diaz. The fight would take place at the end of the year and what perfectly fit in the date and place of UFC 206. In addition, the partner and sponsor of the UFC clothing company Reebok released a shirt signed with the name of Georges St-Pierre, which may mean that soon Canadians may return to competition.





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