Bellator organization published its Principles 4-person tournament

The tournament will take place during the gala Dynamite 1 September 19 in San Jose.

It will bring together Phil Davis (13-3 1 NC, 9-3 1 NC UFC), who will fight with Emanuel Newton (25-8-1) and Muhammed Lawal (15-4 1 NC) fighting against Linton Vassell (15 -4 1 NC). The reserve challenge Francis Carmont (23-10, 5-3 UFC) will take Philipe Lins (9-1). During the tournament will apply the following principles:
If the winner of the semifinal will suffer injury and will not be able to fight it defeated his competitor will go to the final. The winner of the fight will enter the reserve to the finals only when both players fighting in the semi-finals will be injured and I will not be able to fight in the final.

The semi-finals will be played over a distance of two rounds and finals - three. This is due to the laws in force in the state of California that say that a player can fight one night at most five rounds of the fight. The cage will apply unified rules of MMA.

If there is a tie the semi-finals each of the three judges will vote nominating his opinion, a better player, the same will happen in case of a tie in the final.
If the fight semi-final or a reserve player suffers an injury as a result of unintentional foul it to the final pass and the player is not injured in combat injured reserve player not be available for replacement.
If a player suffers semi-final battle injury as a result of an intentional foul a player is not injured will not go to the finals, the final will be the winner of the battle reserve.
If the final player suffers an injury as a result of unintentional foul before the two rounds of this fight will be deemed not carried out and there is no outright winner of the tournament. If the player suffers an injury as a result of not intentional foul after two rounds is the winner emerge judges' cards. If you come of them, it will draw additional voting judges.
Before each battle players will have to undergo a medical examination. Since the end of the second semi-final to start the final pass at least 30 minutes.

What do you think of these rules?

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