Reminder: UFC 191 – MMA FIGHT – Demetrious Johnson vs Johnem Dodsone 5th September 2015

UFC 191


“Mighty Mouse” is 29 years old and is a year younger than his nearest rival. The current flyweight champion began his professional career in 2007. and has scored 25 fights, 22 wins and 13 ended rivals ahead of time. On the other hand Dodson made his debut in 2004. and since then he has fought 23 times, has scored 17 wins the most sustained by knockouts. Both players have never lost ahead of time.

Physical conditions:

Players have approximated physical conditions.John is a player known primarily for its huge force of the blow and among people they sent to the board is the current king -57kg division. The pupil of trainer Greg Jackson is working great on my feet, it is quick and extremely explosive. Dodson has a decent inventory but the offensive referenced from time to time, usually to underline their dominance. Johnson is the player who holds such a blow as the current challenger but there is also hands with cotton - knockout on Joseph Benavidezie. Technically Demetriousowi not be much fault in any of the planes when it comes to stand-up a DJ in each of his fights in the UFC (also losing to Cruz) asked more significant impacts than his rival in the first fight against Dodson asked 127 such strokes to 57 strokes John. In terms of stocks and skills storey Johnson presents mastery, testifies to the high efficiency of sprowadzeń to the ground and fight won by submission or by the absolute dominance. In addition, the current master has incredible condition, which allows for hassle-free survival of 5-round bouts fight.

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