New Gym Submitted: UFC Gym Sydney

UFC Gym Sydney

 IT'S TIME to train different “Just like the UFC has revolutionized the world of combat sports, we are now bringing the newest innovation of fitness and training to Australia,” – Dana White, UFC president. “UFC GYM® is for everyone who wants to have a place to work out and who is looking to change up what they do when they go to the gym.” Our ‘Train Different’ approach offers an alternative to the traditional workout with an array of ways for the entire family to sweat, move and burn different through a full range of signature classes and specialised equipment. "Australia has waited a long time for something like UFC Gym. It’s unique, it’s innovative and it is more about an environment that is motivating and friendly. UFC Gym offers awesome workouts that get results. It’s a place for everyone, adults and kids, as it balances good work ethic, learning new skills and creating a community." - Selena Short, CEO UFC GYM Sydney.



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