Fedor will not get $ 2.5 million in new Japanese MMA organization.

Since Fedor has announced his return to MMA and signed a lucrative deal with the new Japanese promoter of MMA, many fighters said they would  like to fight with the MMA legend.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara, president of the newly formed Japanese organizations, however, denied the rumors about the amount of the Russian contract:


"2.5 million payment is absolutely untrue... In fact, the return of Fedor to Japan has nothing to do with money.One of the main reasons for the return of Fedor is the development of the future of MMA. Fedor was a legendary champion of PRIDE, he did not comment there failure and it is part of the history of mixed martial arts, and now will be part of a unique organization. Soon a press conference in Tokyo will be perforemd, where we reveal many details of New Year gala including the name of our organization."


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