Terms of use MMA-Land.eu

Terms of use MMA-Land.eu

MMA wherever you are

There are still countries where MMA competitions are not shown for alleged moral reasons on television. Moreover, MMA sport is shown as a barbaric, brutal and violence glorifying activity by the press and many politicians.

Our mission is to present and establish MMA as a non-barbaric form of sport and usual leisure activity for people all over the world.

In our modern time of globalization, due to our jobs and spare time, we more and more need to travel around the world. If you are not familiar with culture, language or/and possible activities of the country you need to be, it is very difficult to keep the own training performance or find a good training equipment supplier. In some cases, no internet presence can be found (especially smaller gyms in rual areas or – born by experience – in countries with limited internet access like in some Asian counties). This time, popular search engines fail at the point as well.

MMA-Land.eu aims to redemy this situation. Wherever you are, wherever you go, wherever you find or search for a MMA location or shop: have a look at our submitted locations, share and add locations you can recommend, or try and rate even submitted locations. This also applies for MMA fight events in your region or other countries. Without any additional costs for you and your favoured location!

No matter if small (local) or big (popular) MMA events, gyms, stores, news,… - please share your informations on MMA-Land.eu, so everyone from all over the world, wherever he/she is, can be a part of your experiences and ratings and can benefit of it!

Join us. Together we can be strong and help the world to understand the real meaning and function of MMA!

So are very welcome to be a part of our idea and of our MMA community. With our Terms of Use we would like to fix some rules for using and submitting informations on MMA-Land.eu. We want to avoid posts that are not confirm with the essential cornerstones of MMA: fairness, respect, discipline, honour and truth. We do not accept any offensive, radical or discriminatory contents.

So please read and agree to our general Terms of Use:

Imagine that MMA became a recognized kind of sport, and that you are a part of free sharing of MMA locations worldwide.

We welcome you to be a part of the mission and commitment of MMA-Land.eu. It is our pleasure to empower and engage people all over the world to collect, submit and use global MMA contents like gyms, stores and events for free on our website.

To support the MMA community, we as MMA fans, too, provide the essential infrastructure and organizational framework of multilingual contents free of charge to serve our mission.

To achieve this, it is necessary to establish some rules, rights and responsibilities of all users (you) and of our services. Please note, that every user has editoral control of contents in his own hands. But we try to protect you and all other user, and furthermore also the reputation of MMA sports, with some kind of editoral control, monitoring and government, if necessary, that we will explain below.

You as contributor, author or editor should follow our policies to protect and establish Mixes Martial Arts as a recognized kind of sport, and to give other MMA fans all over the world the chance to find your favourite gym, store or event.

Please be aware that you are legally responsible for all of your contributions, edits and re-use of MMA-Land.eu content under the laws of Germany and other applicable laws (which may include the laws where you live or where you view or edit content). That means that it is important that you use caution when posting content. In light of this responsibility, we have some rules about what you cannot post, most of which is either for your own protection or for the protection of other users like yourself. Please keep in mind that the content we host is for general informational purposes only, so if you need expert advice for a particular question, you should seek the help of a licensed or qualified professional.

MMA-Land.eu lives because of the vibrant community of users like you who collaborate to write, edit and curate the content. We happily welcome your participation in this community. We encourage you to be civil and polite in your interactions with others in the community, to act in good faith and to make edits and contributions aimed at furthering the mission of MMA-Land.eu.

Certain activities, whether legal or illegal, may be harmful to other users and violate our rules, and some activities may also subject you to liability. Therefore, for your own protection and for that of other user, you may not engage in such activities on our website. These activities include: Harassing and abusing others, violating the privacy of others, engaging in false statements, impersonation or fraud, committing infringement, misusing our services for other illegal purposes, engaging in disruptive and illegal misuse of facilities.

Please note that you are solely responsible for your use and linking of any third-party websites and contents. Although our mission contain links to third-party websites and contents, we are not responsible or liable for their availability, accuracy, or the related content, products or services. This includes also, without limitation, any viruses or other disabling features. Nor do we have an obligation to monitor such third-party content.

We use our editoral role exclusively to protect you, all other users and the reputation of Mixed Martial Arts against illegitimate, discriminatory, pornographic, indecent, seditious, defaming, politically or religiously glorifying or other unsuitable contents like contents harmful to minors or relating to the drugs trade.

As a measure of our editoral role, we reserve the right to check your submitted contents before making them available online. That means that we check all contents and their legitimacy, and release every article within 48 hours. So if you fill out our submitting form and press the button “submit”, we get a message and will have a look on your content. We check if there is a direct relationship to MMA content, and if the links you have listed are correct and reachable. In case that contents are ok and that there is no obviously contrary to applicable law (like extremist contents, …), we will release your article as soon as possible, but within 48 hours at the latest. In case that there are any doubts about legality or missing MMA bearing of your contents, we reserve the right to delete your content. So if your content is not available within 48 hours and you are sure that there are no restrictions of law or other questionable contents in your submitting, please contact us via E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The second part of our editoral role is that we reserve the right, but do not have the obligation to check contents/links on our website from time to time. So if your link is not available anymore, if the store or gym is verifiable closed, or if new informations about breaching of rules comes to light, we have the right and duty to delete the content without advance notice.

We expressly distance ourselves from contents which may be in conflict to the fundamental ideas of MMA.

With using our homepage by searching or submitting MMA events or locations, you agree automatically to our Terms of Use.

Please also read and agree to our Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer.

Terms of Use of January 20th, 2020

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